CopperPoint Safety Videos

These videos were part of an initiative to help lower workplace injuries. I was tasked, along with one other person, to create ten videos in one year. We focused on some of the top causes for workplace injuries in Arizona. I did the pre-production, production, and post-production for all the videos.

Social Venture Partners Interview

These video interviews were for a project called Social Venture Partners, which uses a capitalism model for charitable giving. I did the design, lighting, audio, direction, and videography.

Your Vote is Your Voice

This video is for early voting sign-up and was made with people influential in the Arizona community. I did lighting and audio.

Onboarding Video

This video was made to help policyholders with the process of accessing the company’s web features. I did the preproduction, production, and postproduction of it.

Documentary: Hair Band Survivors

I made this documentary film after hearing my husband’s band stories and heard of his pain at not “making it” in the music industry. I did the videography, lighting, producing, and directing.

ICM on the go

This was a series of short videos made to highlight different creative people in the Valley. I did videography on this episode.

A Guide to Workers Compensation Hearings

I made this video, which consists of photographs, motion graphics, and voiceover, for the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Zombie Team Building

I was one of the producers on this short film, part of the A3F Film Challenge

SCF Corporate Video

This video was to show business owners what SCF was and what it could do for them. I did preproduction, production, and postproduction.

Safe Patient Handling

This is a fun take on a serious subject.

La Famille

This is a documentary made for my Documentary Filmmaking class. I directed and did the lighting.

SCF Arizona 30 second spot

This video is a mixture of stock footage and original footage. I wrote, produced, directed, shot, and edited this spot, as well as doing the traffic to the TV stations.

Don Smith Interview

This is an interview we did with the CEO of CopperPoint. I did the videography and lighting.

Building Implosion

This was shot for the fun of it!

Rick Interview

This was an experiment in using a simple, hand-held camera and no lights.

Two-person Interview from Video Series

This was created for employees’ training, and consisted of interviews with various experts on staff. I did the set design, production, and postproduction.

Community Outreach Video

This video was created to explain to business owners the value of SCF Arizona’s Community Outreach Program. I did the preproduction, production, and postproduction.

CopperPoint Launch Video

This video was created for the employees as a morale booster as the company was re-branded.